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Trainings in Excel - VBA

And save money and time with automation.

I can show you how to do it, help you do it or I can do it for you
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During the last years, I have been working for many companies of all sizes, delivering formulae, macros, applications and ideas, enabling them to simplify decision-making processes and save millions.

§1.  Excel ! ...

Excel is one of the most used software tools in the world and just about every business has a copy somewhere.
Despite its power and flexibility it is not always clear how to use it to perform some of the most important tasks in any business: organizing, analyzing, and presenting financial information.

So, I feel really upset when I see how Excel is used, and I always wonder if users can imagine what a kind of racing horse they have on hand.
Far apart of its mainly used calculation side, Excel is a misknown extraordinary engine with full database capacity, as well as a wonderful and unique reporting tool.
In addition to all these possibilities, Excel includes a tremendous programming language : VBA or Visual Basic for Applications, which adds to the basics of any spreadsheet a unique and easy way of handling nearly every aspect of computing.

These observations, as well as my 35 years expertise, have convinced me of the utility of some vulgarization of all the underlying strengh, and this site is exactly that :
From integrating data from a variety of different sources, through organizing and analyzing financial data, to presenting it in a variety of graphical forms, this site has you covered.

This site is NOT about "Everything you can do with Excel and VBA"

but about

And you will help you save a lot of money !

My canadian collegue Pierre Leclerc has writen an outstanding series of Lessons, so, as I do consider his work as absolutely perfect, I'll just forward you to his site : Rediscover Excel Functions and Formulas.

§2.  The most important things you should know about Excel are :

ballblue The database functionalities :

a) The Excel DATABASE

b) Sorting the Data in Excel

c) Filtering Data in Excel
ballblue The SUMPRODUCT function
ballblue The INDEX/MATCH formulas

Last but not least, Pierre has even added a whole set of tremendous Lessons on VBA for Excel : 100% PRACTICAL !!! See : Excel Macros and Programming

Believe me: if you do practise all of these lessons, you will be "empowered", as Pierre uses to say : I mean you will become actual Excel gurus !.

§3.  Tutorial on Excel : Excel Functions, Formulas & Macros (VBA)

With macros in Excel you will save a lot of time and do a lot more. Learn the skill and get a better paying job.




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He is one of a handful of people worldwide to have a good 35 years of expertise in Excel & VBA.

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