Our web site, by Herve Hanuise and Affordable Solutions, is intended to presenting some aspects of Excel.
We offer consulting and design custom application for Excel.
Contact us at affordsol@skynet.be for awsome Excel applications involving YOUR data.

My canadian collegue Pierre Leclerc now offers an outstanding downloadable tutorial on his website :
Download the tutorial.

Believe me: if you do practise all of these lessons, you will be "empowered", as Pierre uses to say : I mean you will become actual Excel gurus !.


Our mission is to help you improve substantially and lastingly your company's performance and value.
We will contribute to your success by providing:

  • Management consulting
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Outsourcing
    ... And, most importantly,
  • Reporting applications, fully scaled to Your needs.

We create Solutions : mostly with Excel, but have people who specialize in HTML coding, Web-Sites creation and maintenance, Office-VBA programming and Windows applications development.

We also have expert graphic artists and design specialists : our philosophy is that just because something is professional and rigid on the inside, it doesn't have to look dull or complicated on the outside but it has to be an Affordable Solution.

Our main customers want to automate their analysis and reporting processes and information systems.

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Affordable Solutions is an independent consultancy based in Soignies, Belgium, owned and operated by Hervé Hanuise, specialising in application development using the Microsoft Office suite.

Hervé has a M.Sc. in Engineering, Economics and Management, providing a unique blend of both business and technical skills.

He is one of a handful of people worldwide to have a good 35 years of expertise in Excel & VBA.

Affordable Solutions aims to provide a number of helpful and interesting utilities, examples, tips and techniques to help in your use of Excel and development of Excel solutions.